Why a fair currency must not be exchangable with money.

Darwinism proposes the survival of the fittest which often is misunderstood of the survival of the strongest. Hence it is human nature to adopt to life-circumstances in order to survive it. This applies from rough street-wisdom all the way up to capitalism.

In other worlds – the more one fits into the shape of the environment the more fulfilled ones worldly life is – hence our instinct is to adopt to the circumstances or given framework – something good if nature dictates it,
but terrible if a few humans do for their own benefit.

A money-system is a good and necessary invention by abstracting values,
so that we don’t have to carry a goat to the market in order to get bread and butter.

The problem starts when its rules are also designed to accumulate wealth without providing value, because then we are pressed into a logic in which we constantly are forced to suck from our environment in order to sustain ourselves – whether it is cheap labor or the exploitation of the earth.

Money, by its immanent inbuilt greed, is and never will be spread evenly; and people who try to create benevolent projects end up merely to be the “useful idiots“, so that the careless winners have their rear covered in order to focus on their greed.

The injustice of our monetary system simplified:

Imagine a hall with 100 people, where everyone is given a socialistic equal and fair amount of virtual currency.

  • Then give 1 person access to the only food elevator
  • another access to the only water tab,
  • and a third one to the only window.

You guessed it – within a very short time those 3 people have access to nearly all the money in the room and can dictate the now capitalistic rules of money-distribution for all others.

So the problem does not lie in left-right-politics but in our monetary framework itself.

The only reason why we can’t palpate the exploitation of the earth is because our space is so big, that it takes for a while for us to suffocate when someone lights a fire,
and the reason why we can not perceive injustice is because our group is too large to clearly distinguish the exploited groups from the ones in charge.

So those 3 people are not lynched is because they work hidden in disguise (which at times is compared to a “reptile consciousness”).
Vice versa – since this system which is forced upon us seems for most “a given” so that the winners are applauded despite the facts that those are obviously the ones who sucked money from all of us, so the sarcasm is that capitalists in their skyscrapers never will see and never will be held accountable for the homeless below, they did produce.

To show you how immersed you are in this monetary brainwash, I simply ask you to honestly answer to yourself whether you would respect a tidy person with a tie or a shabby homeless more. We all already lost touch with our in-tuition which sees souls.

Whilst most people think that the way out of this system would be to be “on top” of things – have power and therewith influence, the best they ever can reach is a position which favours one of the 3 hidden distributers, so they also will be slaves to the system just like Cypher in the movie “The Matrix” who made a deal to keep an enslaving and brainwashing system alive as long as he would be a winner in that illusion.

This is why Jesus said that “the last will be the first and the first will be the last”.
Within this system one will not thrive , meaning to have a fulfilled soul, but one will ever run after the carrot of having fulfilled pockets.

Hence the task
(whilst obviously still having to play along by our current rules in order to survive)
is to totally step out of this system changing priorities from the engagement of a lateral world-concerned egoism to a vertical axis which is dedicated to the fulfillment of the “true” (or divine) self rather than the filling one ones wallet.
Spiritual masters can do that, but as long as the majority of us are not evolved enough to be totally detached from this world, we better meanwhile work on a detatched worldly solution, such as an alternative currency.

Any alternative currency, however, must not be linked at all to our current global financial system, because as soon as one can exchange it for worldly goods or cash it is inevitably tied to global exchange-rates and the rules of the moneymasters.

Therefore it must be a total own “parallel universe” or “sphere” with its own set of rules – in other words: initially a total idealistic project until the critical mass of people take part in it so that enough goods can be exchanged. So if you want to get involved, treat your work as an work for the next generation and don’t expect any rewards for yourself.

And sorry to be a party pooper, but unfortunately even todays crypto-currencies provide no real alternative to the monetary cycles as well, as long as they are exchangeable and even tradable with our current money.
But if someone can develop a decentralized and non-exchangable crypto currency it can be used as the currency of a new monetary system. *cough #developersWelcome cough*

So this is where you, the reader comes into play: There is a chance for you to take part in shaping such a new system in the fairest and most sustainable way possible by putting in “your two cents” as comments here and actively shine with your ability – whether it is graphics, developing websites, translating, or anything else.


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